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Fields of Application

VENITO briquette binder is an indispensable bonding stabilizer employed for the agglomeration, briquetting and pressing of multiple brands of coal (charcoal dusts, coke fines, carbon duffs, etc.), ore mineral (Manganese, Iron, Apatite, Chromites, ores) and biomass (straw, sawdust, coconut shell, hay etc). It has commonly been functional in multiple arenas of industrial production, for example: for gas generator in steel industry, coal fired steam boiler, for the production of fertilizers as well as yellow phosphorus, manufacture of construction materials, and for the mineral processing. It is also applicative in the garment industry, porcelain industry, and seafood industry etc.

VENITO bonding additives can be applicable for the following industrial briquetting constituents:

  • Biomass materials such as straw, sawdust, coconut shell, , hay
  • Coal fines, coke fines
  • Apatite, Manganese, Iron, Chromites, Ferro-alloy fines
  • The above list is not thorough. We have faith that you will not waver to contact us in order to get more technical info about ways to procedure your product.

Application Standards

The production method as well as procedure of VENITO briquette binder is founded upon pertinent results of world-wide latest scientific studies that have been applied in India, Australia, Japan, China. Manufacturing conduct is in accord with Vietnam applicable criterions as well as technical regulations representing the consciousness as well as commitment of Viet Thang Industrial Investment Company Limited to our respected customers as well as the environment.

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