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Briquette Binders

Briquette Binders are without any glimpse of doubt important in the process of briquette production. It is not a hidden fact that 'Performance & quality' of a particular form of briquette majorly depends upon the quality of binder used in production process. They are several types of binders used for production of diverse forms of briquettes such as organic, compound and in-organic binders. The role of Briquette Binders is to provide good bonding to the briquetting materials. Organic binders are easy to decompose and burn when heated. They carry good combustion performance and ignite low ash. In-organic binders have excellent qualities such as they are highly abundant, low on cost and hold excellent thermos-ability. However, the compound binders are mixture of two binders. They can easily make good use of advantages of both the binders and assist in bettering performance of briquettes.

Key Points

  • Good hydrophilicity, great binding agent and free from the use of harmful substances
  • Helps briquettes in retaining their coherence in the fire by softening the cake of material such as coal, charcoal used.
  • Binders are added to coke the briquettes
  • Less in price, easy to use and process

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