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At the present time, when the natural resources are being depleted colossally, a renewable alternative is essential to possibly make utilization of materials which are expected to be thrown away causing numerous environmental damages as well as economic trashes. Therefore the increasing rise of coal, biomass briquetting plants and ore has become an unavoidable tendency in the energy industry as well as in the arena of mineral processing. Apart from coal fines, these indispensable agents are essential for the production of ore, coal, and biomass briquettes so as to make adhesive bonding, recollect shape and fortify the capacity of heat resistance in furnace.

Binder is usually separated into two classes: one is organic as well as the other is inorganic. Organic binder can even be employed for the agglomeration of food. Although it is in noxious though when being burned, its heat constancy is very low. For example, coal briquette smearing organic binder, when being heated to 200°C will smash extremely fast, which causes the upsurge in the volatile substance content. Henceforth, in the briquetting procedure, the briquette makers favor inorganic binders. Nevertheless, among the inorganic binder producers, many have been overlooking all the significant influences of environment, machinery preservation and labor safety; so they select to supply the market with damaging binders by including poisonous as well as polluting chemicals which eat away machines and make slag as well as dross leading to the furnace being clogged.

VENITO adhesive binders/ bonding additives can systematically resolve the above problems.

VENITO is definitely:

VENITO is definitely an optimum technical solution: VENITO yields a perfect gumminess helping briquettes to be inflexible as well as solid under the ambient temperature. Also, it makes briquette very heat-stable under the high temperature when being ablaze in the furnace. Furthermore, VENITO is in fine powder form with little humidity, thus can effortlessly be dispersed all over the whole briquetting material. It will help to eliminate troubles such as caking or unstable blending as realized in the instance of liquid additives.

An Efficient and cost-effective solution: In comparison to costly binders holding harmful chemicals in the current market, the standby – VENITO has been shown to succeed in footings of both price as well as quality. With just a very minute amount of VENITO and no other flavors desirable, these already offer higher glueyness than any conventional binders. Being made from artificial polymer as well as natural inorganic minerals, VENITO does not result into the weathering of machines or leave slag as well as clogged dross in the furnace. The mixing procedure of this is really simple; all of which consequently help to boost equipment life as well as decrease production costs.

A Reliable environmental solution: VENITO is made from natural inorganic minerals and synthetic polymer with no noxious chemicals incorporated. Its burning produces no smoke, no slag, and no dross being very friendly with the nature. 

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